4G VOIZ 1.0.0

Description of 4G VOIZ 1.0.0 4G VOIZ is feature-rich mobile VoIP application for making long distance or international calls at low rates. It is an interesting find for end users who have their friends and families scattered all around the world. The mobile application is available on the widely popular Android. So, end users can easily download the application on their favorite device and use VoIP services to get started. App Highlights:Processes calls even in low bandwidthsIn-built noise and echo cancellationG729, PCMU, PCMA codec compatibilitySIP softswitch compatibility Address book integrationNAT traversal on Private IP SIP SignalingDownload 4G VOIZ now to make VoIP calls to your near & dear ones.

Download APK(3.84MB)

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