Description of VISITORS TweetSec is an IT company in Palestine specialized in providing services Web and smartphone applications 1. Visitors can quickly and securely log visitors to your store where it is immediately transferred to a private control panel, whether connected to the Internet or offline. 2- Visitors' data shall be submitted immediately according to the classifications entered by the visitor by region and gender. 3. Visitors can communicate with all customers, inform them of all new offers, and offer visitors draws to encourage them to consume many products by communicating with them. 4. The application allows visitors to send all customers via SMS and can be sent whether the phone is connected to the Internet or offline and the subscriber can send to all groups of visitors without the need to connect to the Internet provided that the transmission of the same mobile number recorded in the subscriber data. 5. The application filters the duplicate input numbers where it is deleted and there is also the transmission time filter where repeated numbers are deleted in more than one group of visitors.

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