Help Kids With Bullying

Description of Help Kids With Bullying It's easy to help kids with bullying with our Help Kids With Bullying bully download app. There are many reasons why bullies bully, and it's important to just tell someone and stop bully behavior.If you're a kid getting bullied, a girl bullied in elementary school or junior high, are being bullied in high school or know someone getting bullied, please tell.How to tell someone that you're being bullied? Our download bully app is real life bully prevention for real kids. It's easy to tell someone – even though you may be too shy to talk to your parents, a trusted friend or a school counselor.Our Help Kids With Bullying app offers kids five ways to tell someone what is happening to them.You can write down the name of the person bullying you or draw a picture of what is happening. Then you show it to someone.You can also voice record what is happening and share your voice messages with your parents or another trusted adult.You can message someone about what you are going through.You can take a picture with your phone's camera and email it to someone.There is a notes section so you can write and save notes inside the app. If you're too shy or scared to tell someone, our app will help you to share what is going on. Don't suffer in silence, just tell.

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