Keepal – In Car Hands Free

Description of Keepal – In Car Hands Free ☆This is a Pre-Release version of Keepal☆Keepal is the ultimate in car app – your complete information and entertainment system. It reads aloud to you your SMS's, emails, news headlines, calendar events and Facebook messages – completely hands free. It even answers SMS’s for you if you want. Keepal will also play your music (from sources such as Google Play Music, Spotify, Pandora and audible books) when no other information is coming in, pausing when a message arrives and resuming on completion. It will also pause everything when you make or receive a phone call. Using the voice commands you can open other apps, make phone calls, anything you like!All of this is done without advertisements or needless chat!And don’t worry, we do not store, share or sell any of your data. We take your privacy very seriously and all of your usernames and passwords never leave your phone. We do encrypt them though for your added security.AS a pre-release, we will be sending out updates at regular intervals. These will include more social network feeds as well as other features. If you have any issues with Keepal or feedback please use the Contact Us form within the app and we will get back to you ASAP. There is also an in-app help system to guide you through Keepal's settings. You can also follow us on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. Alternatively please email information is coming in faster than ever, and our need to keep up to date is making it unsafe behind the wheel. One third of all traffic accidents are now attributed to driver distraction, with mobile phones seen as a significant proportion of those distractions. At Keepal we want to stop this! Keepal is designed to be compliant with the toughest of road rules concerning mobile phone use. We know that you can't stop people from using their mobile phone, we just want to offer a safer alternative. Keep alert, keep your eyes on the road, not on your phone!Think of Keepal as your personal assistant in the car:★ When as SMS or email comes in, Keepal will read it out aloud to you. With SMS’s Keepal can even respond.★ Stay up to date with your social network on Facebook. Keepal will read any news feed, wall posts & inbox messages. We are currently working on other social feeds and will update the app regularly.★ If a news report that you have selected arrives, from our extensive list of worldwide providers, it will be read to you with no input required at all.★ Keep informed of calendar events from your chosen calendar..★ Have the time (and date if chosen) read aloud to you at whatever interval you desire.★ Play the music you want to listen to, from sources such as Google Play Music, Spotify, Pandora and Audible books.★ Your music pauses automatically to play your messages, resuming automatically on completion.★ If you need to take a break, simply hit the pause button. When you return, hit play and Keepal will read to you all of the information that has arrived since you were gone. Alternatively, you can pause individual feeds by selecting that button alone.

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