Remote SMS & Call Tracker

Description of Remote SMS & Call Tracker Remote SMS & Call Tracker helps you to track your calls and SMS from anywhere. All you need to do is install this application and register with your Email Id and a 4 digit PIN. To track your calls and SMS, visit our website and enter the registered Email ID and PIN and all the calls made/received and all the SMS sent/received after the "SMS & Call Tracker" application was installed can be viewed.You can choose to enable/disable tracking of calls or SMSes using check boxes available in the application. Also, you can enable location tracking which will show the location of your device when the call was made/received or when a SMS was sent/received.Few usecases of SMS & Call Tracker———————————– Forgot your phone at home and you want to check the calls and SMS received, you can just login into and get the details.- Lost your cell phone (or somebody stole it) and you want to see the calls made or SMS sent from your phone, you can do it from our website.- You want to keep an eye on your children, install the app in their phones.How it works————- Install the app and register using an Email Id and PIN.- The Call/SMS/Location tracking is disabled by default. In the main view, enable the check boxes for Call and SMS. The next time a call is made or received, the call info is sent to the server. If an SMS is sent or received, the SMS info is sent to the server. The information is encrypted while transmitting and hence secure.- Log into our website (details available within the app) and enter Email Id and PIN and you can view the Calls and SMS.- You can choose to disable tracking info by unchecking the check boxes in the app- You can clear all the data stored in the server or delete your account by using the options menu- If you enable the ‘Track Location’ check box, then when a Call and SMS information is sent to the server, the location info, if available, is also sent. You can view the location from which the call was made/received and the SMS was sent/received.Permissions Used—————-1.receive SMS and read SMS or MMSRequired to read sent and received SMS. The SMS is sent to server only when the "Track SMS" option is enabled in the app. The SMS info can be accessed only if the user enters the registered Email ID and PIN.2. intercept outgoing calls and read phone state and identityRequired to get the incoming/missed/outgoing call details. This info is gathered only if the "Track call" option is enabled in the app. The Call info can be accessed only if the user enters the registered Email ID and PIN.3. read contact dataRequired to map the phone number received during call or SMS to the person's name in the contact data.4. coarse/fine (network-based) location and view network stateRequired to collect location details of the device. The location details will be collected only if the user enables the “Track Location” option in the main view of the app. The location info, along with the call and SMS info, can be viewed only by the user after providing the relevant credentials and hence is safe.DISCLAIMER:———–By installing this app you approve that your Call/SMS/Location info can be sent to our server ( which is located in US and that you will not misuse this application to cause harm to any other Android users.

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