Description of Radio RUMBA is an online radio station, created by the Venezuelan announcer Enrique “Kike” La Forgia, currently based in the Valparaíso region, Chile. Enrique has dedicated a large part of his life to radio work, where he has made live programs, recordings of commercials and advertising jingles. He has also been a voiceover for documentaries and television microphones. He was the official voice of 103.5 YES FM (located in Anaco, Edo. Anzoátegui, Venezuela), with whom he still maintains ties of friendship and collaboration. In the same way, he has made animations of events, both public and private and remains active recording TIPS and Swepers for countless Minitecas (Sound and Lighting Companies that entertain parties and various events), as well as for DJs.In December 2017, he obtained in Venezuela, the prestigious International Mara de Oro award, as Outstanding Speaker of the Year and other recognitions by the Mayor’s Offices of Anaco and Cantaura (Venezuela)

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