Real English Intermediate Vol1

Description of Real English Intermediate Vol1 ★★★★★ Real English Pre-Beginner, Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, Business Vol 1 today free! ★★★★★ 1 million downloads in the United States !!★★★★★ $3.99> Free (1 month's worth of learning English) ★★★★★ Real English VIDEO LAUNCHED!! Download at Google Play or below Link You thought you could speak English. But then again, when you’re with a native speaker you realize you can’t speak fluent English! Ever wonder why? Textbook English studies alone will not make you into a fluent native English speaker! When you meet native speakers, you must know how to speak English with slangs and expressions. When you watch American TV programs and movies, that is the way how native speakers speak in English and if you don’t understand the words, the slangs, and the expressions they use then you will not understand what they say. So what’s the best solutions to speak English fluently like native speakers? You must practice speaking, speaking, and speaking! The most effective way of speaking Fluent English is . . . – know many practical vocabulary and tenses -practice speaking with native speakers -practice speaking English word phrases -practice speaking using slangs and expressions Intermediate Volume 1 will give you the tools you need to do just that. Designed specifically for the Intermediate level learners, this course will soon have you speaking like a native. This English application is the revolutionary, one-of-a-kind English learning system. Start speaking English fluently like native speaks immediately using essential words and phrases – Very practical, easy-to-follow lessons that guide and teach you the structure of English in just 20 minutes a day. – Within each lessons new vocabulary, slangs and expressions are presented in flashcard style. This allows you to learn the meaning of any unfamiliar words quickly and easily with the help of handy English translations. – Learn about the real English expression and more. – The lessons focuses on real everyday situations – from introducing yourself, asking others about their jobs and what they do, talking about how you feel and asking about the conditions of others, and talking about your likes and dislikes – are those that are most practical communication. – These lessons featuring practical vocabulary, practice speaking, workbook, and Test. – Interactive Audio lessons to help you perfect your pronunciation and teach spoken language organically – Progress with Confidence – Build on each lesson as you advance to full sentences, then actual conversations All our lessons will develop your English speaking skills immediately so you can put your English to use when abroad or dealing with English-speakers everywhere!

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