Lecture Racing. Teacher

Description of Lecture Racing. Teacher Teacher's application for gamification of education.It is a unique tool for quizzes on lectures and classes. No need to prepare the quizzes ahead, you can do it in real time!The class turns into a competition, a race – who is the best?! It engages the students and makes them pay attention. How is that achieved? Everything is done on the fly, no preparation required!The teacher asks a question about the slide on a projector, and students mark their answers on the same slide on their devices. Then, the teacher encircles the correct answers using his tablet or smartphone. After that, the app analyzes the results and creates a student rating that can be transferred back to the projector or to the personal device.The students and the teacher can use various devices including tablets, smartphones, laptops, and personal computers.The system Lecture racing also includes an application for students Lecture Racing. Student and a support website http://lectureracing.com/.Features:1) Conducting tests and quizzes on lectures and classes without preparation, in real time2) Racing competition, who is the best?!3) The students receive badges based on results of the tests and quizzes. The answers given faster get higher score.4) Presentation control tools, laser pointer, and drawing5) Conducting quizzes, analyzing answers, and presenting the results6) Three types of student rating7) Presentation slides can be uploaded beforehand at http://lectureracing.com/.8) Support for presentation formats PPT, PPTX, PDF and JPG

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