Skolemelding foresatte

Description of Skolemelding foresatte With this app, you as a parent at the Oslo School can easily communicate with your school. In the app you can: Receive and reply to messages from your school Send messages to your children’s teachers Report absence Simply have an overview of all messages for your children Receive notifications when you receive new messages from school Log in with four-digit code The first time you log in with MinID. Then use your own PIN code. The app requires the following permission before downloading it: Photos / Media / Files The reason why the app requests access to the phone’s photos / media / files is because Android needs to download attached documents on the phone in order to open them (For example a weekly plan). The app will ask for the following permissions: Alerts (to receive push alerts) You must be a parent at the Oslo School to use the app. The app is part of the Oslo School’s messaging tool in Skoleplattform Oslo.

Download APK(22.63MB)

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