Ninja Assassin Sneak & Stealth

Description of Ninja Assassin Sneak & Stealth Ninja Assassin Sneak & Stealth is an arcade and tactical game where you control a … ninja assassin who knows how to kill and how to sneak! Very intuitive user interface will help to control your ninja. Click on the button which appears next to the enemy to kill him with the katana. Show your tactical skills and stealth to finish many challenging missions. Avoid enemies who patrol the area of your missions using stealth skills. Sneak to them and kill them with your katana. Place the enemy's body where it can't be found.There are various types of missions for your deadly character. In some of them you will need to escape the area without being noticed by your enemies. In other missions your ninja will have to escape from the prison. Some missions are about killing the target or even all enemies.Your ninja has as well some abilities. As all assassins he can kill the enemy without making a single sound. He can as well take the dead body to the safe place where no other enemy will found it. Your ninja can distract the enemy attention with the stone. The enemy when he hear the stone he will go and see what has happened. Assassin can wait with the katana, easily sneak to the enemy and kill him quietly. This is what I call a stealth.Before you start the mission it is recommended to analyse how enemies are patrolling the area. This will help you to prepare the plan. Which enemy should be killed first, or how to avoid all of them. Sometimes is better to not to use your deadly weapon and just sneak your enemies.For each mission finished you will be rewarded with stars. You will have more stars if you pass all objectives and finish the mission quickly.When the enemy see you ninja assassin or one of the dead bodies produced by your deadly katana, the game is over and you have to start again!Features:- ninja assassin character who can sneak and kill enemies with his katana – various challenging missions where ninja can show his skills (killing enemies and targets, escaping prisons)- ninja stone which can lure away your enemies – sight of your enemies which ninja assassin has to avoidNinja icon from: www.icons-land.comBecome a Ninja Assassin today! Sneak and kill with katana. Never get caught! Use stealth!

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