Description of BallArt Ball art – bouncing abstraction is a fun colorful engaging game, where you must paint objects to a different color with a bouncing ball, to unlock the final object (The signature) and then hit that as well to complete the level. In the game you’ll have enough of a challenge with bouncing balls for you to mingle with your mind by choosing the right color of the ball, dealing with gravity, speed, bouncing and doing so with the least amount of balls. Come and play, bouncing around, figure out how to win levels and while doing so create some fun abstract art, with bouncing balls. In this game the goal is to reach the required amount of points by hitting the objects with bouncing balls on the canvas. You should aim to hit more than one object with one bouncing ball so you must think in advance how the bouncing ball will bounce off the first object (at least). It’s quite simple to know how the bouncing ball will be bouncing off a straight surface, but here you’ll deal with round objects as well. But don’t worry! You’ll get the hang of the bouncing. The smaller the object the more points you get, since calculated bouncing off it is harder. Combos: There’s one very important feature you must think of at all times. Combos! How do you achieve a combos? Well the concept is simple enough. Just change the color of different objects consecutively. So without the ball touching any other surface in between the bouncing and scoring, that is, the frame or any objects that can’t be colored to the color of the ball or at all. What do combos give you? Well firstly, more points, the higher the combo the higher the bonus points amount. And secondly, when you hit a combo, the object you hit will be upgraded. Object Upgrades: Combo 1 upgrade: changes the object to a bouncing enhancer- the bouncing will be twice as strong. Combo 2 upgrade: changes the object to a bouncing giver – gives the ball that hit it, three additional chances for bouncing. Combo 3 upgrade and beyond: changes the object to a bomb – when it gets hit it shoots out three balls of a random color that stop bouncing soon but they make a huge difference Happy painting and bouncing. Terms & Conditions: Privacy policy:

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