Dog Day Adventure : Platformer

Description of Dog Day Adventure : Platformer Dog Day Adventure lets you portray as Kuro, the dog. Go on an adventurous journey through mystical forest on an adventurous day in this 2D Platformer. Help him find his father whose so-called self-made spacecraft crashes somewhere in magical forest.But beware the jungle alive with mythical wild creatures and two of the mighty spirits. Ava, the jungle spirit and Witchita, the dark. They may try to influence your journey.Defeat mythical wild creatures and zombies to save his father. Solve riddles of the Guardians to find your path, take help of “Jungle Spirit”, collect coins and power-ups.Features:+ Mind-blowing graphics.+ Soothing music.+ 20 plus levels.+ Simple controls.+ Interactive Gameplay.

Download APK(42.92MB)

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