Flying Dream

Description of Flying Dream The cute platypus has a dream. That he is flying in the air. He always dreams about flying. He looks at the birds flying in the sky and always wish that he could also fly like this. This little platypus is bored living in the tree. Now he wants some fun to go around the forest. If he flies, he can go faster. Platypus needs your help to become flying master and roam around the forest faster in the day dreaming. In his dream he started flying like a bird. But suddenly there came so manydangerous pillar in his path. You need to tap on the screen to control the up and down of platypus. When you tap, platypus will rise, and then fall again because of gravity. So keep tapping and rising platypus, and make platypus pass the dangerous pillars safely. In this story you are the only trainer of platypus in this forest, who will teach him to fly properly. In this dangerous land, train platypus to fly, and watch him enjoy the ride. Tame your platypus to be your best buddy.GAME FEATURES Great high quality graphics Cute & nice farm environment Sweet background musicNice sound effects

Download APK(2.74MB)

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