Helicopter Train Counter

Description of Helicopter Train Counter Experience the best shooting action pack game. A train loaded with war weapons is hijacked by enemy soldiers, you have given a job to shoot the enemy soldier and free the train from there dangerous criminal plans. As train is moving to shoot the enemy soldier you also need to keep moving with them, for your assistance in this life critical mission you choose to go with armed helicopter with double barrel machine gun, bazooka and other military sharp shooting weapons. There are different waves of clash with enemy soldier during the game. The best feature in the game is you do not have extra burden to guide your assistant pilot regarding speed and direction for perfect shoot. Helicopter is controlled by the Mega Games Studio. To clear each mission you need to control your nerves and give enemy soldier a perfect shot. There will be defiantly high resistance from enemy soldiers. Bear the resistance and show your army war challenge skills. Experience the thrill of heli gunner and assassinate the enemy with your sniper or bazooka.Top Game Features:- Best First Person Shooting game- Helicopter speed and direction controlled by default- Fast Moving Train with stunning graphics and sounds- Unlimited ammunition- Smooth Controls with optimized AI-Free to install and play with minimal advertisements.

Download APK(40.41MB)

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