Cursed Coins (Unreleased)

Description of Cursed Coins (Unreleased) ★ Cursed Coins ★ is a defense game with intense combat based on character skills. During the game player controls 4 characters and have to defeat enemy waves and fight challenging bosses.4 Grave robbers stole cursed coins from a skeleton king and now they are pursued by undead army. Defeat challenging bosses and escape from the graveyard with precious coins!Features:★ 4 unique characters• each have 2 unique weapons• each have from 4 to 8 skills which can be leveled• character levels up to 20• characters can be upgraded for more damage, range and skill power★ 5 unique bosses• Necromancer• Zombie Lord• Wild Zombie Hound• Armored Skeleton• Skeleton King★ Random generated levels★ Additional encounters/intractable objects during journey• with more than 100 rewards/curses★ Consumable items★ Endless mode? Pixel art? Original soundtrack by Davi Vasc

Download APK(52.43MB)

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