Jewelish Swipe Combo

Description of Jewelish Swipe Combo Fans of Jewel games or Connect games in general will already know Jewelish Swipe Combo. But you can now download the Jewelish Swipe Combo app completely free. Try to connect 3 or more same-colored jewels in order to remove them from the field. Adjacent jewels can be swapped to create big combos or clusters. If you remove a row of four or even more jewels with one swipe you will receive jewels with special powers and bonus points. Which means it is definitely wise to play strategically and develop a keen eye for the best possible combinations on the field.Jewelish Swipe Combo of the evergreens of the famous jewel games genre and is the perfect means to bypass a few minutes if you are waiting for the bus oder sitting in a train. But it’s also perfect to play for a longer stretch of time and improve your skills. In the end all that matters is your high score.Jewelish Swipe Combo is one of the most famous Match 3 games and will entertain you for a long time.Features:- Highscore Game- Match 3 Game- One of the most famous Jewel Games- Power Ups – Perfect for Kids and Adults

Download APK(23.38MB)

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