Forest Archer : Wild Deer Hunting Africa 2018

Description of Forest Archer : Wild Deer Hunting Africa 2018 you love to play deer hunting sniper shooting games?Let's play Forest Archer : Wild Deer Hunting Africa 2018 game.In this deer hunter game you play as a animal archer huntsman. your goal is to kill the maximum animals and earn maximum points. so Welcome to the wild forest popular safari archer game.This game, has unique features.For those who enjoy archery hunting and hunting shooter.Bow and arrow game, arrow throw game, aiming and shooting gameStart the real hunter journey to the forests while manage your expert deer archer skills in this chase & run play. Stretch the bow & shoot the arrow like a the real hunterEquipped with the deer archer skills you have got the chance to enjoy. Time to become a real archer knight chasing for its target. Stalk and hunt deer around forest while using your best archery techniques. Providing you best shooting ground, urge your horse to gain speed on a real hunter adventure. FEATURES>>> Exquisite third person shooting gameplay>>> Elite archery gameplay with stalk and hunt deer- Make one real shot to hit on target- Rule the physics of bow and arrow archeryDeer are large in number but veiled inside the green valley forests, they are lively and alert too and may not give another chance to get shoot. Finally put on test your sharp eye huntsman hawk to hit on your prey with a single shoot only.The Deer Archer Real HunterFeatures> Outsized deer chasing to hunt> Pure bow and arrow swing release physics

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