Baby Vs Apocalypse !

Description of Baby Vs Apocalypse ! Baby Vs Apocalypse plays as a 2D platformer with elements of gun game as well.The player controls the Baby and must maneuver him throw the level while avoiding obstacles and enemies.The player can use Baby's gun as method of shooting enemies. Sometimes they are too strong or to many and thus need the baby uses his special attacks.Some levels have additional requirements beyond merely avoiding obstacles and enemies, such as stopping a tap flowing, prevent bombs from exploding and more…Player will meet a whole bunch of bosses…************************************************************************************************************History:During a stormy night, our baby's stuck in his nightmares as crazy as each other. In Apocalypse, against the rest of the wild world, he must survive!************************************************************************************************************Informations:-2D graphics-1 player-get super powers-leaderboard, achievements-survival mode-crazy bosses-hardest game ever ?!..************************************************************************************************************

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