Tot The Tortoise Escape

Description of Tot The Tortoise Escape The Evil Dr.Z had invaded the peaceful lands. In a land where no humans exists, Dr.Z is regarded as a creature/alien. No one knows who exactly Dr.Z is, some say he an evil scientist teleported from another world, some say he is the reincarnation of a famous 1990s evil scientist, but whoever Dr.Z is, there is only trouble wherever he goes.When Dr.Z learns about the power of the four great gemstones, he does whatever he can to obtain all four of them. Starting with the Air Green Emerald. Tot the Tortoise, guardian of the Green Emerald Gemstone, was ambushed by Dr.Z. All he can do now, is to run… from the Evil Dr.ZControls :- Tap to TwirlInstructions :- Evade incoming missiles!ENJOY!

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