Mystery Case: The Criminal 6

Description of Mystery Case: The Criminal 6 Previously on Mystery Case, the cases are becoming more and more mind boggling for Detective Ray Bennet. He has no idea whether the culprit he catches is the real criminal or not. Agent Amelie, from InterPol, is as clueless as the Detective himself. In the latest episode of Mystery Case, Detective Ray Bennet continues his struggle for catching the Mysterious Criminal. Putting everything on the line, Detective wants this criminal behind bars at any cost. In Mystery Case: The Criminal 6, the death of a famous boxer got everyone’s jaws dropped in panic. The evidences pointed out the obvious culprit but Detective Ray Bennet knew that there are always two sides of the coins. Solving this criminal case and the like is the only way to catch the murderer they're trying to find.Hold on to your seats and fasten your seat-belts because this is going to be a mysterious roller coaster that's bound to leave you speechless.Find the hidden objects and clues within the different locations in order to solve the mystery case and catch the criminal.Mystery Case: The Criminal 6 – Copyright © Hungry Potato 2015

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