Army Prisoner Escape Alcatraz

Description of Army Prisoner Escape Alcatraz Enjoy this release in army prisoner games & Survival Games to experience the thrill of being a lone survivor against as the troops have taken you as an army prisoner. You are being captured as a war prisoner in the hands of army. Prisoner is captured by the army as a prisoner of war in this survival island along with other prisoners. This war is not over, as It’s time to escape the army camp & survive against army shooting men in your mission in Army Prisoner Escape Alcatraz. MAKING ESCAPE AS A LONE SURVIVOR WAR PRISONERIt’s hard time for a army prisoner as the ultimate objective is to be the lone survivor in this escape game. Assassinate any soldier who is patrolling in the base camp trying to end your army prisoner escape. Keep an eye they patrol across the army station site where the military base camp is set. Use stealth against military officers. There are thick surveillance layers of army security ready to attack the escaping prisoner at any moment. As being the member of the gangster squad, your stealth & survival skills will be rewarded by ultimately escaping the war base. Snatch the army weapons and use them against their own war soldiers!! Stealth is the key in this prison escape game. Survival is Key. Fight against fierce army men to break out of this imprisonment. The army soldiers are fighting the war so it’s your best chance to make your escape while they are distracted. You have survived in a war and been taken as a valuable source of information by the army. It’s your job to escape before they become successful in extracting valuable information from a war prisoner like you.ULTIMATE TEST OF SURVIVAL This game will give you the challenge of ultimate survival test by making a skillful escape plan in exiting the army base. War soldiers are acting as the watchdogs for serious contract killers in attempt to assassinate other jail criminals. Use stealth by avoiding the enemy’s sight to take their weapons for your own survival mission. Make a successful prison escape attempt while eliminating any possible threat. In this prison escape game you will be tested by surviving in a crazy situation against real army men who are fighting in a war. Experience exciting rifle shooting games challenge. Use your knife to kill, steal weapons & explore the army environment well enough before escaping.MAKING A SUCCESSFUL ARMY PRISONER ESCAPEIn Army War Prisoner Escape war prisoner will by his survival skills from their prison escape story repeatedly. This among prison escape games will test your nerves on how you remain calm and collected while avoiding army soldiers on their foot in your alcatraz escape. Beware of army foot soldiers. As you gain insight on the army base camp, it's time for your prisoner escape skills & stealth movement to make a run towards the exit of the war base camp. Army Prisoner Escape Alcatraz Key Features★ Realistic 3D Alcatraz Prison Environment★ Exciting Survivor Levels including prison escape mission★ Prisoner Jail Break against armed soldiers★ Smooth Jail Break & Army Prisoner Attack Controls★ Enjoy being prisoner of war in army games★ Intense Army Game Action and Survival Game So Download Army Prisoner Escape Alcatraz & enjoy playing the latest in prison escape games & army games. This island survival game will give you the best taste of usual Survival games & other army games.

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