Busy Dwarf: Quest for 12260M

Busy Dwarf: Quest for 12260MBusy Dwarf: Quest for 12260M

Description of Busy Dwarf: Quest for 12260M all updates: muddycrow.tumblr.comTIPS:- Buy a SHOVEL as soon as you can to dig faster and get more health- HEADSTARTS are essential to keep going if you get stuck- A LAMP collects gems further away, such as those stuck at the sides- The further you dig, the faster you get! And more rare gems appearDwarf has a big dream to dig the deepest tunnel in the kingdom, which is currently the Russian's SuperDeep No.3 at 12,260m. Alas with only a basic shovel and headlamp he has to find work to upgrade his equipment. Help him complete contracts to earn gold!

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