Fireboy Watergirl Warrior : Fire – Water Brothers

Description of Fireboy Watergirl Warrior : Fire – Water Brothers So you like playing adventure games? Fireboy Watergirl Warrior: Adventure game is one of the most addictive team player games where you help the fireboy and watergirl find the exit through the temple. While finding the exit through the template, you will come across multiple kinds of obstacles such as fire or water. How to Play? Fireboy Watergirl Warrior is play with find the exit through the temple. ● Fireboy is killed by the water ● Watergirl is killed by the fire ● Fireboy must fight the fire ● Watergirl must fight the water ● Spikes kill both, so both characters must avoid Sounds fun? Do give it a try now. App Features Still looking for features that make “Fireboy Watergirl Warrior” the best among all arcade or adventure team games? Below are features of the game that make it incredible – ● Incredible HD Game Graphics ● Multiple game levels with increasing difficulties All these features of the game are available for free. So, what are you waiting for? Download this amazing Fireboy Watergirl Warrior today to start playing with your friends or family members. Support Us If you have any feedback, please send us an email with your feedback. If you like our app, please rate us on the play store and share among your friends.

Download APK(16.17MB)

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