Real Lion Attack Simulator 3D

Description of Real Lion Attack Simulator 3D Real lion simulator 3D games gives you the opportunity to become a real lion. Don't miss this LAST CHANCE, this is a limited time FREE game offer, so get ready and act fast. In real lion simulator 3D attack you will enjoy the thrill of being the angry lion in the savanna. This wildlife simulator gives you a pleasure of making your dream come through. Now enjoy the real lion hunting where you have to locate the juicy prey (3D crazy goats and deer) from the map. Embark on the safari simulator lion journey where you can go deer hunting, taste the thrill of the wild life. Cross over the obstacles and jump between the rings to gain time. This is a limited time game, so find all the deer and crazy goats before the time runs out OR ELSE your angry lion attack will die of hunger. Bring your inner lion out, it's time for deer hunting and attacking crazy goats. All jungle sniper hunter look out, it's time for the wild lion attack 3D. This real lion attack simulator 3D is the ultimate wild lion simulator experience. Download today !!! Enjoy the angry lion 3D simulator experience. NOTE: This game is designed for Quad Core devices only. The greatest most stunning 3d graphics.

Download APK(33.84MB)

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