Road Builder Mechanic Workshop

Description of Road Builder Mechanic Workshop Have you ever had a chance to upgrade or repair concrete pump, bulldozer or even a tow truck crane? If not, then now it's your time to learn to repair heavy construction machines in your mechanic garage in Construction Truck Mechanic! Did you ever want to be a part-time or full time city construction truck mechanic, or be able to fix automobiles such as trucks, road builder, road roller, dumper truck and excavator crane or construction truck in construction simulator? If you did then your dreams are about to become true with our Road Builder Mechanic, train mechanic Garage game, designed with real-life UI interface and excellent graphics in construction simulator environment like developed in scrap simulator mechanic. With City Construction Truck Mechanic 3D, you can repair monster trucks and heavy cranes in an auto repair Construction Truck Mechanic Workshop. You will be the master of all, whether it’s construction truck mechanic repair, or road builder mechanic repair, or an excavator crane mechanic repair, or an army truck mechanic repair or a car mechanic repair, you will learn the skills that will help you fix all sorts of monster trucks in this truck mechanic construction simulator, and you are not going to the next level of auto mechanic unless you have cleared the previous levels and fix the vehicles brought to you in the first levels of this mechanic workshop garage simulator. The game is designed with different levels, and the purpose of the game is to provide a real-life truck mechanic and construction truck mechanic simulation. In each level a customer will be bringing a problem to the mechanic and the mechanic will be able to choose from the different tools in the menu to fix the truck that has been brought to him in this construction simulator. There will be a list of multiple customers at different levels and depending on the player’s confidence in their skill they can choose whichever customer they want to choose and start fixing their problem. Just like any Truck Mechanic whether it’s an army truck mechanic or car mechanic, real bus mechanic, train mechanic, scrap simulator mechanic, dumper truck mechanic the Construction Truck Mechanic will give you the same satisfaction but this time you’ll be repairing monster trucks & heavy cranes in your Road Builder Mechanic Garage.We know it’s an odd dream to be a truck mechanic, train mechanic but it’s not a skill that is not valued. In your 3D road builder mechanic workshop garage, you will be able to fix all sort of trucks and cranes in a construction simulator sort of environment.Repair Vehicles: •Construction Truck •Construction Simulator •Road Builder•Cement Truck •Road roller •Excavator Crane Features:•UI interface. •3D graphics.•Easy to play. •Menu available with different levels and tools to choose from. •List of activities to choose from.•Tutorials to teach basics of each activity.•Construction Truck Mechanic & Road Builder Mechanic Garage.

Download APK(46.54MB)

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