Swat Sniper : Zombie City

Description of Swat Sniper : Zombie City SWAT Sniper: Zombie CityIf you want to be a sniper in Zombie City, Trigger free hit shooter game with you! Your task is to protect yourself from attacks by surrounding the city of zombies and zombie dogs and to clear them from the city, but you must be very careful in doing so. Followed by a sniper and then killed. Follow the zombies and kill them before approaching them with the touch of the finger.Features:Weapons and equipment to fight.The maximum level of weapons to shoot took aim at the maximum level.Lifelike effects and realistic zombies.Lab to upgrade their skills to improve combat effectiveness.It's going to be full by snipers.Yapıcak one of the most addictive game on Android! You will love it!Completely free and addictive.Challenging levels will love it.Get the sniper rifle and destroy zombies.As a professional sniper finish all the tasks and clear the city of zombies.

Download APK(24.27MB)

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