Bunny Jungle Run

Description of Bunny Jungle Run You think you are a fast and skilled runner ? Prove it !Help Indy Bunny to escape from the Crazy Black Bunny !Face the wildest animals through the jungle, explore perilous mines filled with gold, pass through deadly traps…Bunny Jungle Run is an enchanted adventure in the wild Jungle.No skater, no surfers for this endless runner game, but here you will need dexterity and deftness to survive the many dangers of the jungle.To get the highest score, you will have to dash and use all your skills !Indy Bunny is exploring the jungle when…Run Indy, run !This is your only way to escape the crazy black bunny bearing down on you !Make your way through the jungle past many deadly traps, slide, jump over some fierce crocodiles, run on hippo hordes and elephant backs, face some terrifying lions or rhino’s… In case of great danger, call the giant white owl, jump on it, and enjoy flying over the jungle.The rivers you will accross are very risky and full of hungry crocodiles.The mines you will explore are also extremely dangerous but filled with gold.Grab as much golden carrots as possible.With those carrots, you will be able to buy a lot of super boosters, collect special items, and unlock some crazy looks for your Bunny.Log in via Facebook, beat all your friends, and become the King of the Jungle ! If you like Temple Run and Subway Surfers game style, you will adore Bunny Jungle Run !- Bunny Jungle Run is a very exciting and fun adventure for players of all ages.- Beautiful 3D jungle graphics and fun character animations- Get to see a lot of wild animals in action.- Log in facebook and compete versus your friends- A lot of special characters to unlock !- The new reference of the endless runner games!

Download APK(45.55MB)

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